Walmart RaceTime

Walmart wanted to promote RaceTime; we believed that fans would want to see their favorite drivers. So we helped them negotiate with vendors like PepsiCo and Pennzoil to piggyback onto existing shoot days with Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and others.

The opportunity to work with NASCAR’s star personalities was huge. However our budget was not. These low-tech greenscreen skits were the perfect solution. We scavenged a few key parts from a truck graveyard and built a portable set that we could fit into a rental van. We then met the drivers and spent an hour or so with each, shooting the skits one half at a time. I directed the talent myself.

The simple idea of racers truckin’ their own sponsor products to Walmart was a win for our client and the vendors. Judging by the comments, race fans really liked them too.



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