g-Force Sport COMP-2 Tire Launch

While ever-dominant in the truck market, BFG had lost some ground in the UHP category and needed to make a comeback. They designed an all-new tire and we set out to show them as a modern, forward-leaning brand.


We believed that better tire performance makes driving more fun, but could we prove it? Maybe if we had a race course that could read minds. Awesomecross was created as a fully reactive course combining traditional g-force telemetry with EEG brain wave monitoring. We invited select influencers to test the COMP-2 at Awesomecross before the official launch to see what they thought of the tire’s performance.

Each influencer got a personalized laser-engraved tire invitation and a video of his own Awesomecross run. So together with the main video, the drivers could easily share their experiences with others.

Awesomecross Main Video


Driver Videos


Awesomecross Behind the Scenes

The invitation was a laser-engraved tire. The helmets contained EEG brain wave monitors. We recorded driver mood as it related to g-forces. Custom details from each driver’s run were added on site to create one-of-a-kind mementos, and a strict design language made everything feel cohesive.



Awesomecross Case Study


COMP-2 Burnout Countdown

The only thing better than getting new tires is the chance to say goodbye to your old ones. We counted down the final days to the launch of the COMP-2 with 10 of our favorite burnouts. We saved Shaun White’s for last.


One-Up – COMP-2 Tech Video

The COMP-2 promised next-level performance, so our tech video featured a classic game of one-upmanship. Watch as these drivers play “anything your supercharged muscle car can do, mine can do better.”