Shaun Wants to Drive

In 2011 BFGoodrich went big and inked a deal with multi-time Olympic champ and X-Games star Shaun White to appeal to a broader Adrenaline Junky target. The idea was to share the love of driving with someone who’d never much driven. First step: Teach Shaun the clutch.

The story played out in three distinct chapters. All content was housed in a landing site that allowed interaction and rewarded participation. Bonus videos unlocked as you progressed through the story.

Site Case Study


Chapter One – Setting the Hook

Ep. 1 – Meet the Team

Ep. 2 – Evo Ride

Ep. 3 – Viper Ride


Chapter Two – Road Racing School

Ep. 1 – Flop Quiz

Ep. 2 – Learnin’ Curves

Ep. 3 – Right On Track

Ep. 4 – Final Exam Jam


Chapter Three – Rally Racing School

Ep. 1 – Intro

Ep. 2 – Skid Pad

Ep. 3 – Slalom

Ep. 4 – Boneyard

NOTE – Episode 4 was an interactive 3-d video of Shaun’s final expert level run as shot from a 360-degree camera mounted to the roof. The camera operated within the microsite, and the functionality can’t be implemented here.

Ep. 5 – Bonus Level


Bonus Videos

Fastest Man Alive – Ki Theory Remix

Too Hott


Marshall Danger


Tire Motion