I didn’t do any of this work by myself; it takes shared talents to do great things. Many people have contributed, but these folks deserve special thanks. They’ve been closest to the work and integral in making the things of which I’m most proud.

Creatives and Designers

Cliff Sorah, Matthew McDonald, Oliver McCutchen, Lee Remias, Ron Villacarillo, Patrick Antkowiak, Ken Hines, Sara Kuhs, Judd Burnette, Marco Howell, Michael Reginelli, Brodie Rich, Jason Komulainen, Dave Padgett, Chris Peel, Marco Piedy, Todd Hippensteel

Account Managers Project Managers and Planners

Theo Abel, Rob Robb, Mary McGraw, Steph Shaw, Ryan Thompson, Marc Kempter, Cliff Adams, Laurel Busony, Cara Patterson, Courtney Hurd, Alex Maikowski

Producers and Technologists

Brian Cooper, Valerie Battenfeld, Jeremy Lind, Chad Garber, Amanda McDaniel, Dwight Loew, Kathy Lipencott, Brian Camp, Andrew Campbell, Neil Cox, Kevin Power, Jeff McDonald

Production Partners

Mondial Creative Labs, Will Roegge, DC Chavez, Linhbergh Nguyen, Camp4Collective, Max Fisher, Light Switch, Justin Gay, Colby Liebelt, Beast, Deep Local, Grow Interactive, Ki: Theory


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