Since I began working in advertising, there’s almost nothing I haven’t written. TV, radio, direct mail, web content, brochures, project proposals, invitations, signage. You name it. Writing is my specialty but I enjoy advertising for the chance to solve problems and make things. It’s fun work.

Creative director

Moving into a leadership role required learning a few other skills. Guiding work is the artful dance of getting the best from your teams, while doing your best to sell that work through. I’ve become adept at managing the internal dynamics that can stand in the way. And I have a good track record for managing client feedback and concerns. I believe creative direction is first and foremost being a guardian of the work.

Racer/Professional Driver Closed Course

I’m a car guy at heart. I started as an enthusiastic kid with a heavy foot; much later in life I got some actual training in road course, off-road and rally driving. I’ve done stunt work on multiple sets. And I love to drive the camera car. After a few goes in budget racing with the Chump Car series, a couple of years ago I committed to SCCA RallyCross competition. You can follow my team’s racing shenanigans at

Dirty Industries Team Video


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